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Cricket highlights

Year 4 have completed their cricket coaching sessions which they thoroughly enjoyed. They started by honing their skills for throwing and catching and have now learnt how to hold a cricket ball correctly using a ‘bunny ears’ grip, as well as how to bowl with a ‘windmill action’ for speed and accuracy. Batting was challenging as they had to remember how to stand and hold the bat, while keeping an eye on the ball. The children mastered this well and enjoyed collecting their runs. This was not always straightforward as it was easy to forget to run after striking the ball well!

They really enjoyed playing mini team games throughout the sessions, focusing on one skill at a time and the coaches commented on how quickly they built on their skills. In our final session, Year 4 played a match with the support of the coaches and their energy and enthusiasm was a joy to watch. We definitely have some potential cricketers amongst us.

Here are our highlights:

This is not the end.

Our cricket coaches are running free sessions in Mayow Park, starting this week for all children in Sydenham schools. Why not join in? We have certainly had fun.

You never know where these skills can take them.

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