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infants: online safety wk 2021


This week is safer internet week and with children having to spend more time on the internet and their devices now that home learning in full swing again, it’s more important than ever for us all to know the best ways to stays safe online! Also, we need to reinforce the the importance of showing good values – not only in ‘real life’, but also in the virtual world.

We teach the children to stay SMART online, but what does it mean?

  • S – staying Safe
  • M – Meet
  • A – Accept
  • R – Reliable
  • T – Tell

It is really important for children to tell and grown up if they are unsure or unhappy about something they see on the internet.

Can the children remember this? TAG?

T – tell

A – a

G – Grown uP

Here is a game for children to play, called Stepping Stones

Here are the rules:

1.Make a ‘path’ across the room with pillows/cushions, beanbags or hoops. You could put a ‘reward’ of your choice at the end of the path for you to work towards. The pillows are stepping stones to help us cross a river.

2.To get safely to the other side of the river you need to jump onto the stepping stones (pillows/cushion/beanbag/hoop) one by one. Before you can jump to the next stepping stone, you have to answer a question using the scenarios on the next page (one question per stepping stone). Grown ups will ask you if the scenario is OK or if Jessie should TAG. TAG stands for Tell A Grown Up.

3.If you answer correctly, jump to the next stepping stone. If incorrect, see if your grown up can explain the correct answer and then to jump to the next one.

For each scenario below, ask your child ‘Is it OK or should ‘Jessie’ TAG? Remember < TAG stands for Tell A grown up. There are 4 questions her , so you will need 4 pillows, cushion, beanbags,/ hoops but feel free to come up with your own questions. After answering each question, your child can jump to the next stepping stone and cross the river!

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