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World War Two

The Year 6 project for this term was World War Two. The children were able to learn about the causes and effects of this war and were also able to make comparisons with The Great War, which they previously studied.

They are very proud of their work and I was very impressed by their confidence with their presentations and the depth of their knowledge about what they have learnt.

‘Something I found interesting was that some people chose to sleep in the London underground stations during The Blitz.’

‘Anne Frank was actually called Annelies. Her nickname for her famous diary was Kitty.’

‘Winston Churchill, who was the British Prime Minister during WW2, suffered from strokes yet was able to live until the age of 90!’

‘I was really surprised to learn that some children were evacuated to Canada, Australia and New Zealand during the war.’

Joseph Stalin, the USSR leader, was originally with the Axis powers before moving to the Allies. This was because Adolf Hitler broke the non-aggression pact that they’d made at the start of World War Two.

‘Did you know that Queen Elizabeth trained as a mechanic during WW2?’

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