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JOnah and the Big Fish

This week in RE the children shared, joined in and acted out the story of Jonah and the Big Fish. They learned of Jonah’s big adventure and found out how and why he ended up inside a big fish!

Jonah was generally a good man. But one day Jonah did not listen to Gods request and he ran away. He found a boat to take him far away but while Jonah was in the boat fast asleep, a storm rocked the boat. The storm grew wild and Jonah began to worry, because he knew that he did not listen to Gods request. As the story goes on, Jonah ends up being tipped overboard and sinks into the water. It was at this time that Jonah began to pray and a great big fish swan towards him. The fish opened its mouth wide and swallowed Jonah up in one gulp!

The children pretended that they were in a boat being tossed by the waves, making wave actions with their hands and arms, they joined in with the story refrains ‘I’m sinking down! Don’t let me drown!

Jonah was inside the belly of the fish for 3 days. Do you know how long 3 days is?

what do you remember about this story?

Who was Jonhah?
Why did he run away to sea?
Where did Jonah end up when he was tipped into the sea?
How did Jonah get out of the big fish?
What happened when Jonah got to Nineveh?

WHat does the story tell us?

If we do the wrong thing, God will show us the right thing to do.

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