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Spread kindness – it rocks!

At St Michael’s, we always encourage the children to speak words that are kind. Launched as part of anti-bullying week, we are creating our own rock garden of kindness stones. Every child in the school will have the chance to decorate a rock and leave a message of kindness for our school community. The rocks will be displayed at the Infant and Juniors so everyone can see them and read our messages.

This project is well underway and Year 6 had a go at creating their rocks displaying positive messages.

Why not create a kindness rock garden of your own or in your local area. The process to create a kindness rock is:

  1. Pick your rock
  2. Make sure it is clean
  3. Make sure it’s dry
  4. Paint your rock, think background first then design
  5. You can use felt tips to write any words you wish to add
  6. Seal your rock using varnish
  7. Display your rock to spread some kindness

If you find a rock in your community, don’t remove it. Leave it there so we can keep on spreading the kindness.

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