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plant a flower – spread some joy

Today, Tuesday 12th March, is National Plant a Flower Day, a day to celebrate that spring has sprung! By the meteorological calendar, spring will always start on 1st March.

Flowers play a crucial role in sustaining ecosystems, producing food and enriching human life and culture. By celebrating National Plant a Flower Day, we are helping these bountiful blossoms to flourish.

So, knowing that this is meteorological spring, St Michael’s made their stamp on this national day – with the expert help of two of our parents. We had the great pleasure of working with the amazing Davidia Urban Gardens Ltd, who are landscape gardeners based in South East London.

Not even the non stop rain could stop this great day!

The idea for the day – each class would have an opportunity to work with the landscape gardeners to produce a planter that would go on display in and around school. The vision is to have the flowers where the children can see them and where they can also brighten the view for the local residents.

All the way through this day, children showed amazing teamwork; it was evident through each class working together to create beautiful spaces. The Infant children used tyres to create their floral masterpieces. Look at their concentration in creating something beautiful.

Tyres at the Infant site

We also had some donated plant pots, arranged in a floral display by the children. These will provide a splash of colour at key points around school.

  • It was so much fun!
  • I liked the colours
  • I got to smell it and touch it
  • I liked planting the flower
  • I liked the smell of the soil
  • I liked digging the soil and getting my hands dirty

I liked putting the plants in the soil because I had to dig a hole.

I liked the colours of the flowers because they are pretty!

I liked putting the soil around the flowers because I like getting my hands dirty.

I liked when I touched the flower because it tickled my hands.

I liked planting because it’s my favourite thing to do.

I liked digging because it was team work!

  • I thought it was a great experience because children can learn new names for plants and it’s also great for the environment.
  • I really enjoyed getting involved and digging out holes for the plants. It was a great contrast from our usual learning.
  • I liked planting because it was a new thing I have not done before. For me it was fun to learn how to properly plant and arrange a wide range of beautiful flowers.
  • I loved planting, it was fun, but if we could take them home it would be even better!
  • I had a wonderful experience planting. I got to see beautiful flowers, learn about some new ones and carefully plant them.
  • I really liked planting because I had never done it before.
  • I loved planting, even though it was a bit sticky. I loved how we were making a new thing that will blossom.

After each class had finished, Davidia Urban Gardens installed the junior class creations on the wall outside the Ray Wickes block. Look out for the class creations as you walk past. Maybe sing a song to them too.

I can say that the children of St Michael’s all had the opportunity to plant a flower on this National day. Thank you very much to Davidia Urban Gardens for making this happen.

Davidia Urban Gardens can be contacted via 07513 868773 or

Heavenly Father, as we tend to these flowers, we are reminded of the sanctity and beauty of life and see Your goodness and grace. May the soil, seeds, and plants that sprout produce flowers and colour to refresh the body and soul. Amen

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