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VR Headsets – History right before our eyes

Have you ever been in a WWI trench or met a Viking? Have you stepped inside an Egyptian tomb or met a Roman soldier?

St Michael’s children have!

We strive to bring the children’s learning to life where possible. Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6 recently had an experience that some of them described as out of this world! Most of the pupils would never have had an opportunity to step inside an Egyptian tomb, or experienced what it was like to be inside WW1 trenches or seen a Viking quite close they could almost touch them or met a Roman soldier.

By arranging to have a company that provides virtual reality experiences come to school and provide this experience was the way forward. Immersive technology brings a student a step closer to what they are learning and helps them to understand, relate and engage with their learning.

Y3 visited the Egyptian tombs,

Y4 visited the Romans,

Y5 met the Vikings

Y6 visited WW1 trenches. It was an exciting day for everyone.

Here are some of the children’s comments:

  • It was great to see all the excitement of my classmates and myself.  It was extremely realistic and high quality.  The only thing wrong is that we didn’t get more!  Would definitely recommend it.  9/10! It was great!
  • I really enjoyed the breath-taking experience exploring the realistic conditions of the trenches.  P.S. Would do it again!
  • Once I looked into the headset, I was amazed by the realism and the fact that I could look 360 degrees round. I was moving as if in real life.
  • I think this was one of the best VR experiences I have had.  My favourite bit was in the dig-out because it was super realistic.
  • I loved all the programs as they were accurate and detailed – as if I was actually there in WWI.
  • It was one of the best experiences in my life but I didn’t like that nothing was moving.
  • It was amazing!  I felt like I was actually there with the Vikings! An experience of a life time.
  • The VR experience was like time travelling to the Viking era.  It was a cool experience.
  • It was an amazing experience.  We got to learn about Vikings while having fun.  In addition, you could look everywhere.  I think we should do it again!
  • It was a very good experience because we got to see what it was like to live during the Anglo-Saxon times.

An out of this world experience!

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