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Each year, St Michael’s and four other local schools compete in a termly intra/inter school competition.

In the Autumn term each children took part in a speed bounce activity; this involved jumping from side to side as many times as possible for 20 seconds. All the scores were recorded and sent off to be compared to the other schools in the competition.

Speed bounce

Skipping was the theme in Spring term and wow, we really do have some talented skippers!

For the first time, Hula Hooping was on the agenda for Summer term. There was a lot of fun to be had with children experimenting and developing their hula hooping skills around necks, arms and waists.

The children had time to practice over a couple of weeks and then were individually timed. The maximum time allowed for the competition was 5 minutes. However, we had two children hula hoop NON-STOP for twenty three minutes and the only reason they stopped was because it was time for collective worship – AMAZING!

Below you will see some of the winners.

Congratulations to them all. We are extremely proud of all the children! Well done for putting St Michael’s sporting ability on the map.

Compete with determination to win, but be gracious if you don’t.

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