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The St Michael’s Superhero revealed!

We recently said goodbye to our school business manager, Mr Howland. He is also a Deacon in the church of England, so many of us refer to him as Deacon David. He is venturing into semi-retirement and we, as a school, said our goodbyes.

In thinking of a fitting way to say farewell to him, the staff began to share stories of our experiences with him; we became very aware of a developing pattern that we had not noticed before.  We realised that every time we call for help – a particular person shows up. Our Mr Howland is very quiet and unassuming, but always there when you call. It really got the staff thinking!

The definition of a superhero is:

*a hero having extraordinary powers

*an exceptionally skilful or successful person

Superheroes come in many shapes and sizes and often change their name:
Just like Clarke Kent is also Superman
Just like Bruce Wayne is also Batman

We have Mr Howland, who is also Deacon David; he is St Michael’s very own superhero…

Our very own superhero – Deacon David

Here are a few images and thoughts from those who have been grateful recipients of Deacon David’s support and care. Primarily the children in his delivery of fantastic church collective worship. As well as this, those thoughtful quiet times with many adults who needed his calm demeanour and wise words of wisdom.

But ever superheroes need a break – and the classes though long and hard about what you could do with all your spare time.

To celebrate the departure of a superhero, we invited St Michael’s, past and present, to share a light brunch.

A cake specially made showing one of Deacon’s favourite verses.

Thank you for everything you have done and keep being a superhero wherever you are led to.

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