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Welcoming New Life into Our Classroom

The Reception class have been learning about Spring as Spring is a reminder that God is all about making things new. In fact, Jesus promised to make everything new one day (Revelation 21:5), where He gives us a glimpse of the coming attractions throughout the season of Spring.

The children have been learning to understand the effects of the changing seasons on the natural world around them and looking out for signs of Spring; and we were so fortunate to have one such wonder – new life – happen right before our very eyes…


One of our lovely families got to take the chicks home for the whole weekend! This what they said they had learnt and discovered;

“They sometimes poo in their food or water and they’re not bothered.”

“When they’re eating they sometimes shove each other out the way and it’s not kind.”

“They drink the freshest water from the hole in the water feeder, but they have to tip their heads back to swallow.”

“They close their eyes when standing up.”

“They like to sleep in a heap by the bulb.”

“When they sleep, their eyelids make a line when closed (they have two eyelids top and bottom).”

“They’re really soft!”

All of this enabled the children to create collaboratively, share ideas, resources and skills to create our wonderful display on the life cycle of a hen.

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