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‘Bring your parent to school day’!

On Friday, the 30th of November, we hosted a very first ‘Bring your parent/carer to school day’.

Parents/carers were invited to their child’s class and the focus was Maths, which is a school priority this year. We finished the morning with a presentation about our school priorities and online safety.

It was lovely to see so many parents and the children’s excitement to have their parents visiting their classes!

Thank you to all the positive feedback, we really appreciate the support.  It was not possible to post all the comments, as we had so many messages,  but here are a little selection for you to read…

“My son really got his brain working! He has shown a lot of interest and determination. I see him going from strength to strength. He definitely has the potential to achieve great results, thank you teachers for your support. As parents, guardians, carers, teachers we must come together to protect our children. I agree in spending less time on computers unless it’s school related, but also supervising our children whilst they’re on the computers.”

“The children really enjoyed having us in class, it was nice to see the enthusiasm from the children.  Any opportunity to be in school and witness the learning is a positive. The experience as a whole is a valuable one and I hope the school decides to do it more regularly!”

“Fantastic to be in my son’s class today.  His teacher is such a brilliant teacher and happy with my son’s progress so far.

“I only had an argument with my son about one of the answers – so very positive!!! 🙂 It was welcome and should be repeated.”

“I just want to commend you for excellent organisation and commitment to the children’s growth and learning.I have always been and still am a fan!”

“This is a brilliant idea as it is pivotal for parents to be actively engaged in their children’s learning. The Big Maths session and handwriting in Year 1 was amazing. It shows how hard the teachers are working to help our children to progress in all areas. I particularly loved the CLIC. I was very impressed!”

“Thank you so much for this morning, a great way to let parents feel part of the children’s school work and to be informed about what is happening in the school.”

“It was delightful to be able to join my son in class. I really enjoyed the interaction and to get a glimpse of what their days are like. Loved it.”

“Thanks a lot for the opportunity to see how our children spend time at school. I’m very happy to see my son during his lesson at school. He is enjoying it and I’m happy to see it. Thanks a lot for reminding us about internet safety. I’m also happy that at school you also discuss things about God and we can talk about it at home also.”

“I enjoyed the parent morning, it was nice to see the teamwork of the class. I have taken from this the need to have more balance and structure with the internet and limit the time usage and be present when my children use the internet. Thank you – enjoyed the poem.”

  • Really impressive
  • Children enjoying their learning
  • Children all included
  • Evidenced learning
  • Excellent opportunity for parents to have an insight of ‘how’ children are learning.
  • Excellent awareness of ‘staying safe online’

Thank you

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