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My dad is…

The amazing thing about our dads step-dads, grandads, older brothers, uncles etc, is that we could finish the statement, ‘my dad is….’ in a variety of ways. So we asked the children of St Michael’s about their male role models. This is what they said.

…special to me because he looks after me and takes care of me when I am down.

…the best because he is always looking out for me, even if it seems like he isn’t.

amazing because he looks after me and is kind to me. He cares for me when I am sick and helps me to learn.

…a provider. He provides me with love and care as well as teaching me how to be a good person.

…so special because he provides, guides and cares for me. He teaches me good values and how to be a good person….serious about education!

…an encourager. He always pushes me to do things and helps me even if he is busy.

…the kindest, most thoughtful person I’ve met. He helps me with things that are hard and makes me feel like the happiest girl in the world.

a chef at a restaurant and the best football trainer.

always puts himself after other people.

  • My step-dad is special to me because he makes me laugh and makes me feel he is my real father.
  • My uncle is amazing because he always has time for me and my siblings. He takes us to church and on outings.
  • My uncle is special to me because he takes care of me when I am sick.

The children had a lot of fun creating images to show their dad’s and what they do together.
My dad is special to me because he takes care of me and provides for my family. Everyday after work, he tries to play tennis with me – even though he is tired.

My dad is special to me as he is funny and loyal to my family. My dad always wants to beat me in football and Fifa.

My dad is amazing because he helps me when things get hard and makes me laugh.

My dad comes to visit once a week and makes nice pancakes.

Since I was 3, I have had you in my life. Since then you have been my best friend and most importantly my Papi.

My uncle takes time off work to help me with my Taekwondo and to look after me. He also gives big fluffy hugs.

You have looked after me for years!

My dad is so fast! He always catches me when he chases me up the stairs and in the park.

My dad lets me do baking with him.

What I love about my dad is that he loves me.

My dad lets me do whatever I want.

My dad’s good at fixing things – he put new floor down in my mum and dads bedroom.

My dad is good at cooking chicken and he lets me help.

My dad is good at work.

My dad…

… inspires my football.
… gives me pancakes and he’s a great driver.
… wears nice shirts and looks after me.
…plays games and tickles us.

Here are some more things we had to say about our dads and father figures:

My dad is…

  • … handsome, creative, friendly, strong, amazing!! And most of all has warm hugs!! 
  • … hard working, very caring, kind, strong, a king and a superman. 
  • … my best role model, clever, happy and funny.  I call him the best dad in the world! 
  • … amazing, creative, strong, awesome, funny, kind, incredible, always helps me with my project. 
  • … the best dad in the world because he is silly, funny and loves me!  He also takes me to get my favourite sweets!! 
  • …amazing.  I love him because he is really a lot of fun and I have fun time with him. 
  • …strong and like Ronaldinho. 
  • … an amazing footballer, a wonderful person, a good dad, a caring person, spoils me to bits and I cannot live without him. 
  • ... amazing and loves football. 
  • …loving. 
  • … a software engineer, funny, serious, a good sport teacher. He is also good at maths.
  • … a super good artist. 
  • … a wonderful singer, strong, lovely, kind and handsome. 
  • … the best cook and kindest dad in the world.  He always helps me when I fall and get hurt outside. 
  • …everything related to positive and a little strict. 
  • … the coolest and funniest person I have ever met – and the smartest!

My uncle is caring, kind and compassionate. 

My stepdad is the best stepdad in the world because he was always there in my bad times and is kind. 

My stepdad is my saviour and loves me no matter what! 

My dad is amazing because he is strong, artistic, funny and kind.  He is also amazing because he works very hard with his job. 

My uncle is kind and generous. 

My dad is the best dad in the world.  He takes care of me, makes me food and loves me.  I wouldn’t wish for a different dad for as long as I live.

My dad is often warm and sometimes miserable. A bit like the weather!

Whatever description the children have used, we just want our dads, step-dads, uncles, big brothers or whoever that role model is in your home to know, that you are appreciated and loved.


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