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Year Five went on their first school trip – The Science Museum. It was quite an experience and so much fun.

Here is some of the children’s feedback.

This trip was educational but a lot of fun at the same time! I would recommend it to other schools, parents, children and everyone else! The best part was the WonderLab because it’s interactive and all the activities and experiments were so much fun!

This trip was amazing because I saw a lot of things that I had never seen before. I would rate this school trip a 9 out of 10 because the huge slide has a long queue and we did not get to go on it. Apart from that, it was a great school trip.

The school trip was a lot of fun! I especially liked it when we entered the ‘WonderLab’ because there were lots of activities and they were all interesting. I also really liked the ‘Space’ area especially since we are doing space in science this term.

I really enjoyed exploring the ‘Wonderlab’ and reading about the astronauts in the ‘Space’ area. My favourite part was when we did the chemistry demonstration where we were taught about ice and fire. However, the trains were busier than I thought!

I really enjoyed the Space section. The train journey was a lot of fun too as I got to look out of the window. More people need to visit as it was amazing especially the chemistry demonstration!

On the way back from the trip, something exciting happened! We had to switch trains because the trains were no longer stopping at Whitechapel! Overall, the Y5 science museum school trip was amazing!

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