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ST Michael’s at 150!

Today the children celebrated St Michael’s Sesquicentennial year. Building on their work through the week on Saint Michael, the children learnt about the history of the school during collective worship with Deacon David.

In their classes, the children spent the day thinking ahead; talking, writing and drawing what St Michael’s school life could potentially be like in the future! They have designed a school, uniform and classrooms for the future.

Fortunately, the sun came out – and so did the whole school – to take a photo of St Michael’s in 2021.

We spoke about being a part of the ongoing history of our school; this was a perfect way to mark the occasion and the images will also be included in our time capsule.

The day ended with a mini tea party, where children decorated, then ate their own biscuits. We had to take these pictures very quickly!

We also had delicious cakes made by the school cooks to help us mark the event.

Thank you to all the families who have emailed and sent photos to be included in our time capsule – you will also be a part of St Michael’s history.

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