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Battersea Park Zoo

In Science, Year 2 have learnt about Living things and their Habitats. We learnt how different animals adapt to their environment and what they need to survive in certain habitats. As part of their Geography topic, they have also learnt about the Rainforest and all the magical things that live inside it. On Monday 25th March, Year 2 went on a class trip to Battersea Park Zoo to learn about their animals and their habitats as well as meet some animals from the rainforest.

First we took the train from Sydenham to Battersea Park.

When we arrived at the zoo, we were greeted by our lovely leader Gemma. She taught us more about animals through an interactive workshop which focused around the feeding habits and diets of animals. We identified carnivores, omnivores and herbivores and the differences between them. We also explored the relationship between living organisms at different levels of a basic food chain.

After our workshop, we went exploring around the zoo to meet some animals.

Lunch time!!!

We loved the Meercats!


What an amazing day we had! Thank you Battersea Zoo!

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