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In Health, Relationship Education (HRE), Y5 have been learning about making good decisions to keep themselves healthy. They covered a few topics in the sessions.


  • knowing the health risks of smoking
  • being able to tell how tobacco affects the lungs, liver and heart
  • being able to make an informed decision about whether or not to choose to smoke
  • knowing how to resist pressure

The children got into teams and did a quiz. Here they are in action.

Have a go at the quiz. Scroll to the end for the answers.

Did you know that tobacco contains over 4000 chemicals, many of which are harmful!

The World Health Organisation estimates that 5 million smokers die each year as a result of smoke-related illnesses.


  • know some of the risks with misusing alcohol, including anti-social behaviour and how it affects the liver and lungs.
  • make an informed decision about whether or not to chose to drink alcohol
  • know how to resist pressure

Each child was given a piece of a puzzle and had to find eight other children to complete the puzzle. This was a lot of fun, required teamwork and helped the children learn at least nine facts about alcohol in the process. The children were surprised by some of the facts. Do any of theses facts surprise you? See below.

Which facts surprised you?

Alcohol can sometimes cause anti-social behaviour.

Anti-social behaviour is any aggressive, intimidating or destructive activity that damages or destroys another person’s quality of life.


  • know and put into practice basic emergency aid procedures (including recovery position).
  • know how to get help in emergency situations
  • know how to keep oneself calm in an emergency

The children started off by thinking about a range of situations that could be classified as an emergency.

  • someone cutting their finger and the bleeding won’t stop
  • someone falling in the playground and hurting themselves badly
  • someone collapsing on the street
  • a young child swallowing a coin

The children were shown the steps one needs to take to get someone into the recovery position and carried out a demo using one of the pupils as a volunteer.

The children learnt that the recovery position can only be used in certain situations – not all emergencies. The recovery position should be used if the person is breathing on their own, but unresponsive. If the person has a major injury like a back or neck injury, the recovery position should not be used. If there is any doubt, emergency services should be phoned immediately, without moving the injured person. Here are the children practicing a vital skill – The Recovery Position.

Have a go – see guidelines below

Below are the answers to the smoking quiz given to you at the start. How did you do?

Y5 enjoyed learning about staying healthy and making informed choices.

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