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AFRICA projects in Y5!

Our topic in Year Five this term has been Africa and therefore the children did a homework project based on this theme. The children’s presentations and models were exceptional! Below is some of the feedback from the children.

Children’s feedback.

I chose Chad because I did not know anything about it and this encouraged me to find out as much as possible about it.

I chose Sierra Leone because it is not well known and my mum comes from there.  My favourite part was making a full sized model of a person and dressing it up in traditional dress.  It took me TWO DAYS to complete the model!!

I chose Algeria because it is the largest country in Africa and the 10th largest in the world. 

I chose Morocco because it has the biggest desert in it – The Sahara Desert.  Did you know that almost four fifth of Morocco is covered by the Sahara desert!  The best thing about my project was making the box in which I put facts on strips of paper for my classmates to read out and learn something new.

I chose Egypt because we learnt about it in Y3 and I knew a little bit about it and wanted to find out more.  I like this country because it has ancient and modern history.

I chose Mali because the richest person who ever lived came from there – King Mansa Musa.

I chose Egypt because I already knew a lot about it but wanted to learn more.  I enjoyed making the pyramid because it was so enjoyable and inspirational.

I chose Uganda because that is where I come from.  I liked drawing the map and colouring it in using the Ugandan map colours.

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