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Day 4 Home Again, but not yet!

Always starting the day with a hearty breakfast, the children are getting ready for their final day at Marchants Hill.

Today the children are Orienteering and taking part in Zip-Wire. Following these exhilarating activities, they will have lunch and head back to school.

Orienteering is an excellent introduction to practical map-reading and is an exciting way to get to know the surroundings. Year 6 are in small teams or in pairs to locate points across the grounds. The activity helps them to improve decision-making, map reading and correctly judging distances.

Zip -wire has the children securely attached to the overhead wire before making their flight across the sky! It’s a hugely exhilarating experience that requires personal courage and determination – it pushes many children beyond their natural comfort zone. It’s also a chance for the rest of the group to offer support and encouragement.

Lunch and then homeward bound. What an amazing adventure they have had!

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