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Day 3 PGL – Are you ready?

It’s an early breakfast today and ready for the activities.

Today continues to be all about challenge and support. The challenge is really for yourself – how far can you go outside your comfort zone? Is it a little further than you expected? Does it help when your friends are cheering you on? Let us see…

Groups are ready… Let’s GO!

Trapeze is all about courage and determination. It gives each child a very real sense of personal achievement. The challenge starts with a climb to the top of a 6-metre pole. Next, a climb onto the small platform which will require balance as the children stand to make that leap for the trapeze! It’s exhilarating! It’s heart-pounding! It brings the team together in their support for each other.

The task in abseiling is to walk backwards off the top of a tower, gradually working back towards ground level, suspended only on a rope. It’s all about trust, courage and confidence.

Teamwork – cooperation and support, the greatest achievements.

The Challenge Course is a chance for the group to negotiate the various obstacles that lie ahead, it’s an experience that will promote teamwork, lateral thinking, problem solving and decision-making – as well as being physically challenging too.

Archery offers the chance for everyone to experience success. Accuracy, control and a steady hand are vital for achieving the best results! Handling bows and arrows may be a brand new experience for many and safety awareness is taught from the outset.

Images like this remind us all that there is wonder everywhere. After the rain comes the rainbow.

The last night at PGL ends with a disco, led by Izzy the group leader.

A lovely night, but now it’s time for bed. Sleep well Year 6, we will see you back at school tomorrow.

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