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Off, off and away!

Today was the start of an amazing adventure for Year 6. They are off to PGL Marchants Hill for their activity week. The children gathered at school as the final checks were done, soon afterwards it was on to the coach.

A few hours later, the children arrived safely and it was time for lunch.

Lunch was followed by a brisk walk. The surroundings are beautiful – a nice chance to take a minute to marvel at the wonder of creation.

Year 6 have had a chance to look around the site that will be their accommodation for the next few days.

Something that is always a highlight for the children at PGL are the meals. Tonight, Shepherdless Pie, Fish Fingers and Hunters Chicken, always with a well stocked salad bar.

The evening activity is Ambush – like hide-and-seek but in the dark, and on a much larger scale! Great for developing strategic and team building skills. That is what the experience at PGL is all about, whilst having a whole load of fun!

Ambushing over, the children are showered and ready for bed. We end every day with reflections and prayer.

Goodnight Year 6 and sleep well. We will check in with you tomorrow.

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