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What a start!

Well, where do we start! Our lovely new Reception children have settled into their new classroom environment, and it is amazing to see just what they have been up to in only their first 7 weeks of school life!

Here is what they have achieved so far.

Developing routines…

The children are beginning to demonstrate a good understanding when following routines that enable them to manage the school day successfully. They have been learning to line up, find their name, and carry their own dinner tray… and I think it’s safe to say that they enjoy their school dinners!

Taking care of ourselves, each other and our classroom…

The children have been learning about our Golden Rules; Be Kind, Be Safe and Have a Go, which is supporting their understanding of how to look after themselves and others. They have also been working as a team at tidy-up time to ensure that everything is nice and tidy ready for the next day!

Developing fine motor skills for writing…

A big focus for us in this first half term is to support the children’s development of fine motor skills. Developing their fine motor skills helps them do things like eating, manipulating objects, getting dressed and writing. They sure have given every activity a go, and have even begun forming some letters!

I think it is fair to say that the children have had a great start, and have really emersed themselves into all of the learning opportunities – we just know that they will continue to flourish. Well done Reception!

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