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nursery news – Week beginning 01.04.22

It has been an action packed couple of weeks in the Nursery. The crescent run for Comic Relief was a huge success. It was lovely to see so many parents coming to join in too. We also had Year 5 children come to join us which made it even more fun.

It feels amazing that things are getting a little more back to normal and that we can have people in the school. Thank you to the parents who came to our Stay and Play session.

Before the weather turned chilly again, we had lots of opportunities to play in the big playground with our play equipment.

Then the weather turned and we found a stranded bumble bee that looked like it was not alive. We researched how to help bumble bees when Spring turns cold. Using what we found out, we made some sugar water and then set the bee free once it had built up its strength. The children were fascinated.

Another way that we have shown kindness. That kindness extends to all God’s creatures.

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