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In Reception, the children created their own version on ‘growth’. They came up with their own ideas and creations… ‘growth of the imagination’. Here they are in action.

Year Three

Growth is a process. You do not just wake up as a butterfly!

Can you name all the stages (in the correct order) of the growth process of a butterfly?

Year Four

Year 4 used templates to create regular shapes – circles, triangles, squares and stars.  They then cut slits in at least three sides of each shape and worked together in groups to join their shapes and grow different larger shapes, upwards and outwards. It was tricky at times ensuring that their shapes and models stayed upright, however Y4 demonstrated excellent perseverance and resilience and some children even tried to grow their models across one table to another!

Y4 carried on with a discussion regarding recycling materials that the class had collected and the children decided on different ideas to represent growth.  They worked brilliantly in groups and and were very creative. One group completed a model of a person, complete with inner organs; another a tree, with the beginnings of spring blossoms; another group created a flower, using bottles for petals and the final group demonstrated growth using different sized factory buildings.  They thoroughly enjoyed their creations and displayed them proudly. Here are their creations;

A flower, with bottles as petals.
Person with inner organs
Different sized factory buildings
Y4 thoroughly enjoyed their creations and displayed them proudly.

Year Five

Year 5 had so much fun collecting recycling materials and making various models.

The Building Construction Team created the various building sites around the school. One right next to the school for residential housing and on Mayow Road, more residential housing and a new school. This represented urban growth and that was just in the immediate school radius of a mile!

Can you spot the crane and the construction workers?

The Green House Team used plastic bottles and containers to create a green house and the growth within the green house.

Which vegetables can you spot in the greenhouse?

Year 5 also had a Vehicle Construction Team and a Humans Team. Here they are in action. All these items contribute to the growth in urban areas.

Year Six


The children in Year 6 used origami techniques  to build virus-like sculptures and antibodies. If you are infected with a virus, it can  reproduce and grow in your body, causing you to feel quite unwell. However, your body is ready to fight by producing antibodies which stick to a virus and encourage immune cells to attack and destroy. We grow specific antibodies during an infection or after vaccination.

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