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The children in Year 6 carried out an investigation into the effects of exercise on the pulse rate. They recorded their resting pulse rates by counting their pulse for 30 seconds then doubling this to calculate the beats per minute.

Two minutes of Star Jumps really helped to get those heartbeats racing.

When they checked their pulse rates after exercise, the children discovered that they had increased. After 3 minutes, their pulse rates still hadn’t returned to their previous resting rates.

“When I was doing the star jumps I felt breathless and I was gasping for oxygen to enter my lungs.”

“After our exercise I was so breathless and I couldn’t find my pulse but Miss said I was definitely still alive!”

“Doing those star jumps really used up all my energy.”

“Our heart helps by pumping more oxygen in our blood to our muscles so that we can keep exercising – that’s why our hearts beat faster.”

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