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let’s ‘go Viking!’

Year Five have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.   Usually, they would have been learning at school and then going home and doing their research, bit by bit over a period of about ten weeks.  However, this time round, they had to be super organised as they had to juggle home learning with working on their projects!  Wow! What amazing projects they came up with. We are so proud of the children.

They have produced projects about :

  • who, why, when and where the Vikings came from
  • the various Anglo-Saxon kings, the good, the bad and the unready
  • the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and how at one point, there was only one Anglo-Saxon kingdom left – Wessex! 
  • the negotiations leading King Alfred the Great marrying off his four sisters to other kings in other countries to strengthen his position
  • the unsuccessful tactics like Danegeld – paying off the Dane. 

The list of knowledge is endless… Here is the testament of the children’ s resilience and positive attitude to their learning.

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