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This term in PSHE, Year 4 have been focusing on community.

We started by focussing on the communities that are around us and thought about which communities we may be part of.  We defined community as ‘a group of people who live in the same place or share common characteristics, actions or interests eg religion, job, football team, book club, music or gymnastics and so on. 

We also focussed on the roles and responsibilities we have as part of these communities as well as looking at the roles and responsibilities of others.  Being part of a community unites us all. It gives us a sense of belonging and it gives us support. It also helps us to meet new people, help others and reach our goals. This in turn helps with relieving feelings of stress and loneliness, helping us to feel safe and secure.  

We designed our own coat of arms to represent the communities we are a part of.  Here are some of our designs.

We also thought about wider communities and local communities and how they help and support us.  We represented our ideas in a puzzle design because all these communities fit together, and help each and every one of us.

Our final thoughts were about human rights, and especially the rights of children.  Everyone has the right to feel protected and safe, to have somewhere to live which gives them shelter, to be free and equal, to have access to education and to have our own thoughts and religion.

Here are some of our posters:

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