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Meet our new representatives!

St Michael’s held their annual election for pupil committee members at the end of Autumn Term. This year there were two positions available; Faith Committee and Pupil Ambassador.

The Pupil Ambassador role is a new one launched this year. The children selected will represent their class on all fronts; whether it’s to discuss climate change, online safety or issues around our school.

Thank you to all the pupils who met the set deadline to hand in their manifestoes and bravely went on to present to their classes with great confidence; some even learning their speeches off by heart!

As usual, the children went about the business at hand, choosing who they would like to represent them in the committees. By placing a mark next to that name, and finally posting their ballot paper into the ballot box, the decision was made. In this way we continue to promote the fundamental British value of democracy

Below are this year’s successful representatives:

Faith Committee

Pupil Ambassadors

The Job begins…

The Pupil Ambassadors, alongside our Head Boy and Head Girl, took part in their first meeting. The topic of discussion was sharing their ideas about the aspects of the school they like, things that are going well and the changes they would like to make in the future.

The next job was to take part in a live-streamed lesson by The Regenerators on BBC about our world. From the information in the lesson and further videos and information from the Regenerators; the Pupil Ambassadors were able to discuss how we at St Michael’s school, can make a difference to Climate Change.

The children finally created a calendar, with a task each month for the children in their classes to try to take part in. The Pupil Ambassadors will share this with their respective classes during a class assembly and continue to encourage their class mates (and parents) on ways we can help play our part in tackling Climate Change!

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