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The journey is over – Posada 2018

Posada is a Latin American tradition which re-enacts the journey of Mary and Joseph as they travel on foot from Nazareth in the north of Israel to Bethlehem in the south for the birth of the baby Jesus, a distance of about 130km (80 miles). As they travelled they would need somewhere to rest each night – Posada is Spanish for inn or lodging place.


In Mexico, Las Posadas would take place on the nine days culminating in Christmas Eve, and is accompanied by pilgrims sing
ing special songs and the figures of Mary and Joseph then join a nativity scene in the house in which they stay overnight. In school, Mary and Joseph will spend one night in each class until they are brought back into church for our Christmas Eucharist. Updates will be posted here as they continue their journey.

Tuesday 27th November

We are on our way to Bethlehem for the census, here we are staying with Ms Gouws and Ms Gillespie – lovely coffee and great views from our window, if it wasn’t for the blinds!

Wednesday 28th November


We didn’t travel very far today; Mary was feeling very tired and we only got as far as the school office. I hope she manages to get some rest tonight because it is very noisy and busy here with the phone ringing and people coming to the door all the time. We have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow as we go to the ‘other side’ and meet all the children in Reception.

Thursday 29th November

Well, we have crossed the road and are visiting Reception class; here are some of the children learning about our journey with us.

Everyone has been very nice to us and given us a lovely place to stay and rest. The children have been lovely, Mary said, “I hope our child will be as good as these children.”

Friday 30th November

The children from Reception showed us the way to Year 1 and came with us on part of our journey to make sure we arrived safely. The Year 1 have been out of class this afternoon, apparently rehearsing a play about us, who would’ve thought it, that we would be famous the world over? They have give us a very comfortable place to stay in their upper room – we could get used to soft cushions!

Tuesday 4th December

The children were out a lot yesterday so we only got to stay with Year 2 today. They proudly showed us their brand new carpet and we made sure that the donkey didn’t leave any droppings whilst crossing it! Here we are with our new friends/hosts and and picture of us in their special place.

Wednesday 5th December

Three boys accompanied us on our travels from Year 2 to Year 3 where we were warmly welcomed and shown to our special resting place. Joseph says that we are about halfway to Bethlehem now. I know that it seems a very long way. I am so glad that he made us bring a donkey as I am having to ride on it more and more as I get so tired during the day. I don’t think it will be long before the baby comes – that special baby that was promised by the angel of the Lord.

Wednesday 5th December

We could only stay a short while with Y3 and then had to continue our journey. Joseph says we must be in Bethlehem for the census – and we’ll be in trouble if we’re late. I wonder if this child of mine who is promised to sit on the throne of King David will free us from being ruled by the Romans?

Thursday 6th December

Well, we are getting closer now – the hill country of Judea where Bethlehem can be found is in sight and we will shortly have to start going up hill. For the moment we have joined Year 5 with Mrs Kajubi and we hope to visit the others with Ms Gillespie tomorrow. We hope that they have some food they can offer us as we are hungry after all this walking and Mary needs to keep her strength up for the rest of the journey and giving birth – it can’t be long now…..

Monday 10th December

We are in the hill country of Judea now, well the heights of Year 6 classroom, at least. We went past some shepherds a little time ago looking after their sheep; that must be a difficult and sometimes dangerous job. I wonder if they ever see anything out of the ordinary, perhaps something wonderful that will be remembered for all time.

Bethlehem is full of people all come to register for the census just as the Romans instructed and we couldn’t find any reasonable lodgings even though Joseph tried all of his relatives; thankfully, a kind innkeeper has let us rest with his animals. I can tell that the baby is very near now………














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