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St Michael’s is a giving school

Giving to charities, both local and abroad, is something that we encourage the children of St Michael’s to do. We discuss current issues through our PSHE sessions, as well as encouraging children to think about what they can do to make a difference.

We have supported the Bishop’s Lent Call for a number of years. The children are invited to either wear an item of purple clothing or purchase a purple wristband. A delegation from the school’s Faith Committee, along with delegations from other schools in the Diocese, attend a service at Southwark Cathedral to donate the money raised.

Australia was facing a terrible natural disaster. Bush fires ravaged the country, which was a disaster for the people, wildlife and the plants of Australia. Many people were doing great things to save and support each other as well as their natural world. Volunteer Fire Fighters tackled the blaze, food was being dropped by helicopters for the wildlife. People, who could not get into their homes were given safe places to stay.

We dressed up in the colours of the Australian flag and gave what we could to support the work of the Australia Red Cross and the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Our prayer leaders wrote a prayer on behalf of the school, whilst other children wrote their own prayers.

Thank you to everyone who gave and participated to support these causes. May we always have a heart of compassion towards others.

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