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Mansa Musa The Richest Man In History

Mansa Musa The richest Human To Have Ever Lived!!

In Year 1 our topic this term has been Castles, Kings and Queens. As part of our learning journey, we have learned what a monarch is, facts about Queen Victoria(the longest reigning UK Monarch of the past) and considered what rules we would make if we were King or Queen of our own country.

Our most recent lesson involved discovering a fascinating fact. The richest human to have ever lived was the king of Mali ,Mansa Musa. He was crowned ruler in 1312 after his brother died at sea, he ruled for 25 years. During his time in power he became incredibly rich due to Mali being rich in gold and salt.

He became very famous as he travelled across Africa spending gold and showering people with gifts. He was also a kind King building the first library and university in Timbuktu. He wanted the poor to learn to read and provided them with a free education.

He is also famous for travelling to Mecca for the Haji pilgrimage taking thousands of his citizens and camels along with him; spending his gold along the way.

As part of our lessons on the life of Mansa Musa, the children drew portraits of the King and wrote a fact file showing what they had learned across the two lessons.

Take a look at the amazing artistic skill they demonstrated in these portraits.

Take a look at this video about The legendary historical figure Mansa Musa to find out more for yourself!

Mansa Musa

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