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Amazing Ancient Egyptians

We have been learning about ancient Egypt. Year 3 know that by looking at the remains of things left behind by these ancient civilisations, we can begin to understand how they lived and what their daily lives were like.

Year 3 have been learning about these fascinating people and have created awesome projects based on their findings. They have created 3D models, fact files, cards and brilliant drawings. Some of their projects has actual sand so we felt like we were standing at the base of the pyramids of Giza!

Peep inside, what do you see?
Check out my Egyptian necklace!
My creation was embossed – you have to feel it to believe it.
My doll is a mummy – an Egyptian mummy.
Look inside my pyramid, there is a lot to see.
Each scroll tells you more facts, you have to read them to understand.
I enjoyed doing this!

What a hard working class!

We applaud you for your creativity and we know you have spent countless hours producing these awesome projects; we can tell how proud you are too.

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