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Be a part of the big ask?

Every child in the UK has rights. There are more that 40 of these rights. It is the job of all adults in the UK (including the Government, teachers & parents) to make sure they are followed.

Dame Rachel Mary de Souza

This is Dame Rachel, the new Children’s Commissioner in England. It is her job to make sure children’s rights are protected. She speaks up for young people to make sure that the Government and other important people listen to what they have to say.

Below is a video to hear from Dame Rachel about her job as Children’s Commissioner.

To help the Children’s Commissioner understand what young people are thinking and feeling, Dame Rachel is asking for every young person in England to answer a questionnaire. This questionnaire is called The Big Ask.

This is the largest ever survey of children in England. It is short but it will cover a range of questions.

All the answers that are given are confidential. The survey will not ask for children’s names and if the children do not want to answer a particular question, they do not have to.

The answers will be collected and shared with the Government to show them what young people think and what they would like to see in their future.

The Big Ask can be completed any time up to May 19th. You can choose the age group that is relevant and you only complete it once.

A link for the survey is here.

The teachers will be sharing information with the children about The Big Ask in school – let us make sure their voices are heard!

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