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Y6: Thursday & Friday

This will be our last blog before the ‘Easter break’, for whatever this Easter holiday of 2020 would mean for us at this point in time – with people in ‘lockdown’ and keeping their social distance.  ‘They’ say this is now our ‘new normal’, but it certainly does not feel ‘normal’ just yet… and let us hope that it does not stay ‘normal’ for long!

Let us all continue to pray that the situation improves very soon and may there be a cure for this dreaded disease round the corner.

As a staff, we will continue to hold all of our pupils and parents in our thoughts and prayers.

Schools continue to be shut indefinitely and therefore we will only partially reopen on the 20th April – for vulnerable children and critical worker’s children.  However, please remember the key message:  We have a provision at school, however, for the safety of everyone involved, please keep your children at home if at all possible.

The setting of home learning will resume the 20th April.

Ms Gouws & Staff


Continue to read very day. (Unfortunately the reading eggs was only a promotion for the month of March, to promote world book day, so the login you have will no longer work.)


Please complete online.

weekly SPELLINGs 

  • Practise the words every day.  Remember to follow this technique; look at the word, say the word, cover and then write the word.
  • If  you don’t know the meaning, use the internet and look up the definition.
  • Try and write a meaningful sentence with each word.
  1. foreign
  2. apparent
  3. appreciate
  4. persuade
  5. individual
  6. language
  7. sufficient
  8. determined
  9. explanation
  10. pronunciation

writing – persuasive writing

We have set a task which we want you to complete by Friday.

We want you to design an advertising poster that will persuade readers to come and visit London.  We will definitely want tourists to come back to visit London, once we are out of Lockdown!

  • Plan your writing thoroughly
  • Think about what will make your writing unique – can you include a standout viewpoint?
  • Use a wide range of vocabulary, punctuation and sentence openers
  • Ensure that your handwriting is neat and legible.

Here are a few photos of London to spark your thinking, but use google maps and google images to help you to think about all the wonderful things London has to offer:


  1. Dashboard2020:…/updated-MAIN-FILE-2020-1.pdf      (there is a separate blog, explaining this maths resource in bit more detail)
  2. Mathletics
  3. Timestables:
  4. If you want to challenge yourself more, then click on this link to find lessons, activities (and the answers to check your work!)

RE- what is Easter?

Use this link to learn more about Easter, which is the most important festival in the christian calendar.  It celebrates Jesus rising from the dead, three days after he was executed.


Do the Joe Wicks workout:

Free home learning packs

Click on this link if you wish to download any more learning to do at home.


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