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Australian fires


Australians have started the new year anxious and alarmed with unprecedented bushfires engulfing parts of the country, causing thousands to flee the southeastern coast under blood-red skies.

These fires have been blazing around Australia since September, killing at least 24 people and gutting an area larger than Denmark.  Over 2,000 homes have been destroyed and the country is struggling to get the fires under control.

At St Michael’s we want to foster the emotions of compassion and empathy and therefore it is important that we raise the children’s awareness of the world beyond our Sydenham border.  

We want the children to think about, and pray for, the people affected by world disasters.  

Australian Day is on the 26th of January, so we are going to use it as an opportunity to raise the awareness of what is happening in Australia and to encourage the children to do their little bit to make a difference.  The children are invited to wear the colours of the Australian flag (own clothes with blue, red and/or white) on Friday the 24th January and if possible, donate a golden coin (£1 or £2).   The money will be donated to the Red Cross – Australian appeal.

Let our thoughts and prayers be with all the people who were affected by these fires.

Our children have been praying the Australian people, affected by the fires and also for rain to come, to help with fighting the fires.  Here are some of the prayers the children wrote.







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