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Hygge: What is your name and where do you come from?

Denmark is the country consistently ranked among the happiest nations in the world and, according to researchers, one of the ingredients in the Danish recipe for happiness is hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah).

Hygge is a Danish concept that means enjoying each moment of life and appreciating all that we have. The concept is about being cosy and warm; being friendly and kind; creating an atmosphere of sanctuary and about enjoying the simple, everyday, little things in life that make us feel happy and comfortable.

Hygge is not about having a perfect home or a perfect life, but instead it means finding the perfect moments in our simple everyday journey.

How do you spell it?

To paraphrase one of the greatest philosophers of our time – Winnie the Pooh –when asked how to spell a certain emotion…

The word for ‘spoilsport’ in Danish is ‘lyseslukker’, which literally means ‘the one who puts out the candles’ and therefore it is no coincidence that there is no faster way to get to hygge than to light a few candles, or as they are called in Danish ‘living lights’ (‘levende lys)

As January and February can be quite dark and dreary (and the endless rain does not help with the darkness!), we have decided to touch up our school with a bit of  hygge .  The concept of a cosy atmosphere also fits well with our ethos of providing a safe and caring environment in which children feel happy and content.

Whilst we have to be careful about candles in the school, there are other ways to add hygge to our classrooms… here are a few examples:

Fairy lights…

Children feeling cosy when reading with ‘book buddies’.

Special himalayan salt lamps


Kind messages written on chalk boards

We are still in the process of adding all our hygge touches, so watch this space… more to come!

Happy hygge everyone!

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