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Reception, reception, what are we learning?

Dear Parents and Carers

The children have settled well and back into their school routine after the Christmas break. We are very pleased with their progress and the efforts they made during their first term of school. This spring term, we have an amazing learning journey fun packed with lots of opportunities for the children to showcase their learning.

Our theme this term is Under the Sea and after half term it will be Superheroes.  We will be reading a range of lovely storybooks including ‘Tiddler’ and ‘Rainbow Fish’.  The children will learn how to structure stories and write words and sentences using the correct letter formation.   In school, we read with the children 1:1, but it is also very important that you read with them at home – home reading books are changed Tuesdays and Fridays.

In our Understanding the World sessions the children will be learning how to use the computers to retrieve information from the internet.

In Communication and Language Skills we will be focusing on speaking and listening, why and how questions, phonics and reading.

In Maths we are learning some Big Maths techniques aiming to develop the children’s mental maths skills. The children will have fun counting and playing with numbers every day. The children have now been given an access code to Mathletics. Please log in and follow the instructions online at We do hope you enjoy Mathletics.

During Expressive Arts and Design sessions children will make and design art work that will link to our theme of ‘Under the Sea’ and later this term ‘Superheroes’.  They will use a range of materials whilst exploring colour and textures.

In Physical development the children will be learning how to use and move their bodies in different ways during our weekly gymnastics and games sessions. They will also have lots of opportunities to explore outdoors, ‘walk a mile to Mayow Park, whenever we can’ and exercise out in the playground. Please note that the PE slot for Reception is on a Tuesday, so please send them to school with their tracksuit and PE kit on a Tuesday.

Stay and Play

Parents you are welcome to visit the reception class to stay and play with your child – we will put the dates on our school website.

We look forward to seeing you. It’s a lovely time and the children really enjoy you being there.

School uniform

Whilst the school cannot accept any liability for loss of school uniform items, we will do our best to return lost items of clothing… However, we can only do that if the item of clothing is LABELLED!  So please ensure you have put your child’s name on especially their jumper or coat, as they often take it off during play and then forget it in the playground when they go back to class.

Stay informed

We post blogs on our school website every week, so please continue to check what is happening at St Michael’s.  More information about the curriculum can also be seen our website.

Our Spring Term parents meeting is planned for the 25th March, but if you have any concerns, please come and talk to us!


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