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Cracking the Code

Since the beginning of the Spring term St Michael’s has offered the junior children a chance to join the Coding Club. In this club, we learn how to use coding programmes and software to create our own animations, stories and games, particularly Scratch.

Eng:Scratch Cat - Test-Scratch-Wiki

At the beginning of the Summer term, our intermediate coders have had a chance to refresh their skills by working on their own projects before we move on to learning new skills. These projects have included short animations, games and stories with jump scares!

Ms Asante even had a chance to visit the club and try out a game one of our coders had made.

Scratch allows children to develop their computational thinking, problem solving, creativity and self-expression. In Coding Club, we encourage collaboration and cooperation, fostering an encouraging environment where all children are able to develop their coding skills.

Scratch is free to use and can be accessed from any computer or tablet at Why not give it a go yourself!

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