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Being British

At St Michael’s personal, social, health and citizen education is part of our provision – we call it our ‘Body, mind and spirit’ curriculum.   The way we teach the content is by having discussions with the children, timetabled as ‘Let’s Talk’ on the timetable.  (The overview of what we teach is on the website – in the curriculum section)

In year 3 the children are currently having discussions about living in Britain.  It is important for children to know that we live in a diverse, multicultural and democratic society and that this brings many
benefits.  We want the children to learn about the importance of being respectful of differences within their society.

In this week’s session, the teacher facilitated group activities and discussions with the aim to develop the children’s understanding of rules and laws.  They also discussed how rules and the law protect themselves.  Here are some photos from the session and quotes from the children.


“Today I learnt that it is illegal to drive while using the phone.”

“I thought this lesson was interesting. Now I know you can’t drive a car before you are 17 years old.”

“I learnt that you can bring a pet into the country as far as they meet the rules of the pet scheme.”

“You have to follow the law or you an get arrested.”

“I learnt that you need a TV licence to watch TV.”

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