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Bring Your Parent To School Day

Thank you so much to the many parents who joined us this morning.  What you saw in your child’s class was a glimpse of what we call ‘Big Maths’.  Every Maths lesson starts with CLIC…

  • Counting
  • Learn Its
  • It’s nothing knew
  • Calculation.

This is an opportunity for children to embed the basic principles of number and calculation, which they need in order to do the more complex maths work.

In the hall, we had an opportunity to share with you how we teach reading at St Michael’s.

In the early years the children do phonics and they read one to one with an adult.  In Key Stage 1, the teacher and teaching assistant read with small groups of children, whilst the other children engage in a carousel of  activities.

In Key Stage 2, we have implemented a whole class reading approach, where all the children read the same text and have the opportunity to read and discuss the text with their learning partner.

Recently we conducted a pupil voice opportunity.  We asked children in Key Stage 2 about the whole class reading approach and here are some of the children’s responses.

‘Finding the evidence in the book helps us answer questions’

‘I like reading with a partner because I’m not a very good reader. When I get stuck, she can help me.’

‘I like it because we get to read to each other’

‘We always get to discuss the book with our learning partner’

‘Reading this way helps us to communicate better’

‘The reading stems help us think about the book more, look at it more differently than we would of before’

To promote reading at home, we are launching the ‘Battle of the Books’ on Monday, so please encourage your children to read at home! We are looking forward to handing out certificates to all the children who have read 10 books… and prizes to all the children who have read a whopping 50 books!


Once again thank you to all the parents who could come.  Here are a few of the comments from parents:

“I love how the classteacher encouraged parents’ participation, which provided opportunity to experience what the ‘learn its’ activity entails.  This is beneficial for all parents, especially EAL parents.  I love the whole school new approach to reading as well.”

“Thanks for organising.  It was useful to see how the children are learning numeracy in their class.  Also good to know the reading strategy.  The teacher is very knowledgeable.”

“A lovely presentation, very informative.  Children who read for pleasure tend to go on and do well.” 

“Thanks a lot for important advice.  It was really useful meeting today.”

“Love the idea of Battle of the Books”

“I was very pleased to be in my son’s class today.  Even though it was quite fast paced, I was happy to see he was able to keep up.”


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