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Children in need – wearing spots

At St Michael’s we are committed to our ethos of giving back to the community – locally, nationally and internationally.  We believe that having compassion for other people is an important attribute to foster in our children and therefore we try our to make a difference by raising money for worthwhile causes.  Thank you to all the pupils who purchased the poppies we sold on behalf of the Royal British Legion to support those who have given their lives for their country or been injured in action.

Next Friday, 15th November 2019,  it is the BBC’s ‘Children In Need day’ and they have inspirational stories of the difference that their fundraising campaign has made to the lives of children in the UK.

To raise money for this worthy cause, we invite the children to donate a golden coin (£1 or £2) to wear spots, in any way they like. We are looking forward to seeing all the spotty outfits next Friday and we thank you for your support in this matter.

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