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Number Day 2024

We celebrated NSPCC Number day on Thursday 1st February. It is a day when we dress up with digits and patterns and delve deeper into maths with a BIG emphasis on FUN, and we also raise money for the NSPCC. Buddy, the NSPCC mascot for their SPEAK OUT TO STAY SAFE schools program, is a big part of Number Day. I am sure you will spot him in some of our photographs.

Mathematics is a fantastic tool, equiping children with problem-solving skills, critical thinking and logical reasoning. They learn to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts and find solutions logically and systematically. Children learn that problem-solving skills are valuable in all aspects of life, including everyday tasks such as budgeting, cooking, shopping, sports and games and there are so many jobs such as being an architect, aerospace engineer, chemist, physicist or even an astromoner that also rely on maths skills.

All the children had an amazing time and we were lucky with the weather too! Here are some highlights from our day.

The children really enjoyed their day. Here are just a few of their thoughts:

” We loved the parachute games with numbers especially when we ran under the parachute.”

Competing against each other in Live mathletics was exciting!”

The calculator race was challenging and fun – we could only add 1, 2, 3 or 5.”

” My favourite part was the maths anagrams because you had to figure out what each maths word was with just one clue.”

” I loved spending number day with my friends.”

My partner and I smashed Sudoko.”

“I really liked the parachute because it included maths thinking but it was also a lot of fun.”

I loved the challenges of the higher levels in live Mathletics – and of course it was great to beat my friends.”

“What a day!”

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