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Forest School Rules

Despite the cold and wet weather, Y4 have been enjoying Forest school. They have been learning to tie half hitches and have displayed high levels of our value resilience to perfect their knots! Putting up a shelter has been on the list of skills too …

Year 4 have also been making leaf decorations using their knot tying skills.

What do the Y4 pupils of St Michael’s think about Forest School?

I think Forest School is amazing because we learn new things all about nature/the forest’

I like that we have to work together in a team and that we get to see how well we work together.’

‘…we learn the importance of nature and I like that. It also gives us ideas of what to do when we are in the wild or the forest’

‘I think Forest School is fun! We get to do lots of fun things like building a shelter.’

I feel great about it because it inspires me to spend time in the forest.’

After School Club

The children also enjoy attending Forest School club after school. They have had great fun investigating the new setting and look forward to some time exploring nature after a busy day at school!

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