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The Adventures of a Superhero!

The children in Year 2 have been reading and retelling the story of Traction Man. They then planned and wrote their own superhero story.  Here is a fantastic story written by Zoe.

Once there was a superhero called Leopard Girl.  She had long, yellow hair and blue eyes.  Her super power was speed.   One sunny morning Leopard Girl was in Abigail’s bedroom.  The walls were as blue as the sea and Leopard Girl had her very own gold alarm clock that went off when danger was near.

Suddenly BAM!  The evil grizzly teddy bear had stolen all the books and trapped them in the fire place.  Just as the teddy bear was about to turn it on, Leopard Girl ran as fast as she could and grabbed all the books just like a real leopard and pushed the teddy bear into the fireplace.  “Whoop!”  shouted the books.  “It was nothing” said Leopard Girl.   I’m just doing my job.  Now that’s the end of the amazing adventures of Leopard Girl, unless you know any better! 


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