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The Results are in!

Last Thursday, St Michael’s held their annual election for pupil committee members. This year there were two positions per class available for Faith Committee and Junior Governors.

The classes came to the polling station and were given a breakdown of what was required from the Year 6 Headies. This was of course done maintaining the correct social distancing!

Then the children went about the business at hand, choosing who they would like to represent them in the committees, placing their mark next to that name, then posting their ballot paper into the ballot box.

We are very pleased to announce the new Faith Committee members for this year are:

  • Year 2 – Keira and Sanchez
  • Year 3 – Stephanie and Elijah G
  • Year 4 – Anastasia and Ann
  • Year 5 – Estee and Jayden F
  • Year 6 – Milana and Bright

We are also pleased to announce the new Junior Governors as:

  • Year 2 – Arthur and Amara
  • Year 3 – Maliha and Sophia
  • Year 4 – Ava and Skye
  • Year 5 – Acharon and Nee-Ayiku
  • Year 6 – Elissa and Heru

Congratulations to you all and thank you to every child who took the time to create a speech or a poster for their campaign.

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