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World Afro Day 2023

World Afro Day is a global day of celebration and liberation for Afro hair and identity, endorsed by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human rights. They work with organisations, companies, authorities and people from all backgrounds to tackle hair discrimination, producing events, tools and training to empower people with Afro hair and to equip everyone for change.

We speak to the children about their spirituality thinking about lifes ‘ows’, ‘wows’ and ‘nows’.

Today the children heard about Kyla’s journey and talked about her ‘ow’ moment – a moment of pain and or disappointment, the things that can go wrong and can knock the breath out of you.

However, in this instance and for Kyla, it led to a ‘wow’ moment – the awe and wonder moments. The times when you want to breathe in and capture the feeling, holding onto it as long as you can.

Please see Kyla’s story below and recognise her ‘ow’ and ‘wow’ moments.

Whether plaits or cornrows, whether an afro or twists, we celebrate the beauty of God’s creation in our hair.

Happy World Afro Day!

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