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Y6 Leavers Service at the Cathedral

The Year 6 children joined all the children in the Southward Diocese Board for the Year 6 Leavers Service in the Southwark Cathedral.

“I enjoyed listening to the story the priest was telling us about, it made me sad because it made me think about moving on.  I also enjoyed singing hymns.”

“I felt honored to go to such an amazing space.  I felt calm and collected and at one with God.  The Bishop spoke to use about being thankful.”

“I really enjoyed our visit to the Southwark Cathedral as the service was very interesting and the dances were creative.  I loved the ceiling in the Cathedral because it looked beautiful.”

“It was my first time at the Cathedral and it was huge.  The ceiling was so high up.  I enjoyed being their with other schools and enjoyed the dance they performed.”

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