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Y5s are investigating

The Year 5s had a science day on Wednesday the 17th March, carrying out an investigation regarding the rate at which sugar dissolves in cold water, warm water and hot water.

Here is some feedback from the children:

“I liked it when we got to all get turns to put the sugar cubes into the foam cups and the stopwatches were so cool.  The bit I disliked was when science day finished.”

“I really enjoyed what we did during science day as it was a very active experiment where everyone had their part to play.  We made predictions of what we thought would happen.  After this, we finally started the experiment and as I predicted, the sugar cubes dissolved very slowly in cold water taking 5-6 minutes!”

“I learnt that with cold water it takes lots of time for the sugar cubes to dissolve and it takes a shorter time for the sugar cubes to dissolve in hot water.”

“I learnt what the words soluble, insoluble, dissolving, melting and about making a solution.”

“I think this was a great idea to have fun, but also to do an experiment in science.  I think we should do this more often.  This was a great, fun day.”

“I enjoyed finding out how long the sugar cubes took to dissolve.  It was fascinating watching them dissolve.  I disliked having to write about the investigation.”

“I enjoyed the science investigation because it was so much fun – even though my table did the investigation incorrectly and spilled the water everywhere.”


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