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Horniman Museum

Year 3s enjoyed a beautiful day out to visit the Horniman Museum.

The children’s behaviour was impeccable – even the bus driver commented that Year 3s were one of the best class she’s ever had on her bus! 

“I enjoyed the trip because we saw a Bronze Age sword.  I also liked looking at the animals.”

“I really enjoyed seeing the mammoth’s horn as it was real.”

“I enjoyed going to Horniman museum, especially when we held a deer antler because I’ve never held one before!”

“I liked when we had the workshop and passed the Stone Age artefacts around.” 

“I liked when we had to hold the rock used as a hammer.”


“I liked when we were hunting for things as everyone worked as a team!”

“I really enjoyed the trip especially when we used the map to find different artefacts.   It was as if we were testing our map skills.”

“I enjoyed hunting for things, especially as I was the sat navigator and the leader!”

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