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It has now become a yearly tradition to write a school book in the lead up to world book day.  Every class has had a chance to contribute a part of the story and then on world book day the book was eloquently read aloud by staff.

Here is our story for 2019.

“Line up children.” said Mr Studd, as he opened the gate for Year 4 to go swimming. Excitedly, the children held tight to their swimming bags as they skipped joyfully out of school.

“Wait a minute!” cried a voice behind them. It was Ms Gayle. ‘” I found this in the corridor!” she shouted, holding up a dark, blue bag.

Ms Gadd looked disapprovingly at the line of children as one of them sheepishly ran up to Ms Gayle and thanked her. “Have a lovely morning” cried Ms Gayle. “Remember, no one is allowed in the picnic area today.”

Confused, Ms Gadd repeated what she had heard. “No one is allowed in the picnic area?” “Why ever not?” she thought. Mrs Leo-Kelly had not mentioned anything about the picnic area when they chatted earlier this morning, outside of breakfast club.

As year 4 cheerfully left the school to go to swimming, Mrs. Gayle gazed over at the picnic area with a nervous look on her face. Her and Mrs Miller had not yet shared with anyone what they had seen earlier that morning.

When they had both arrived at school through the back gate, they noticed small, white pieces scattered on the ground near the picnic area. As they slowly walked over, their eyes widened in horror. It was tiny, broken eggshells. “What on earth is all this?” cried Mrs Miller. But that wasn’t the worst part. Only then did Mrs Gayle notice animal prints leaving a trail from the eggs into the school. Animal prints of something they had never seen before. “Oh no! This can’t be good” whispered Mrs Gayle. “What could it be? What do we do?” “There’s only one thing to do” said

Mrs. Miller bravely. “We need to follow those tracks!”

Slowly, Mrs Miller and Mrs Gayle followed the tracks of the mysterious foot prints that were working their way all around the school! As they followed the tracks across the playground, they realised that something was not right with the footprints that they had seen a few moments ago! “Do you see what I see?” said Mrs Miller, with a look of horror on her face. “Yep…. those prints have definitely got BIGGER!” whispered Mrs Gayle.

It was true… the footprints had got bigger and bigger… and BIGGER!! As they looked at each footprint in awe, they heard something…. but what was it? They glanced at each other, and then towards the PE shed… what could it be? they thought, as they held each other tightly…

Meanwhile the infants were in the playground having their playtime. Some of the children had noticed some footprints down by the garage and decided to make up a game. They called the game ‘step on the footprints’ “My turn!” called one child, “No it’s my turn” shouted another, “No, no, no it is mine” squealed another. The teachers on duty could hear the kerfuffle and went over to see what was going on.

The children explained that they had found these footprints and had made up a game but they were all fussing about whose turn it was next. ‘Ok’ said Mrs Brailey “This is what we’ll do.”

But then, Ms Paul rang the bell and playtime was over. Mrs Brailey called out, “Everybody stop” and the children responded “Hands on top” Mrs Brailey said “Ok, right, as we haven’t sorted out the rules of your new game we will follow these footprints until we are all back inside. Maybe if we have time later we can make up some game rules.”

Mrs Brailey said “Reception, follow Ms Paul, year 1 follow Ms Matthews, and year 2, you follow Ms Aldridge, let’s go!” As the children followed their teachers, more and more footprints appeared on the ground. Curious as to why this was happening Mrs Jeffrey said “Why don’t we just see where these footprints take us?” The infants were so confused, they followed the footprints that led them over to the junior’s PE shed, where they heard the same noise that Mrs Miller and Mrs Gayle had heard. What on earth was going on?

Cautiously, Mrs Miller opened the PE shed door and saw a large, blue egg sitting upon a nest. In a instant, the egg began to wobble. Mystified, confused, flummoxed, she slammed the door behind her.

At that moment, she took her phone from her pocket and called Mrs Obels. Mrs Obels told Mrs Reid and the class, the terrifying news. The children were so scared that they hid under their tables, instantly. Mrs Obels shouted, “Come out from under the table”. Suddenly, one of the children saw a strange looking footprint through the glass door. Mrs Reid chose a sensible child to assist her in investigating the mystery. Mrs Reid decided to take a picture of the footprint and ran back to class, breathing heavily. Mrs Obels, then ‘googled ‘the picture and the result came back as creature unknown. All of a sudden, we heard a deafening sound and the whole school building began to shake!

As the building shook, Mrs Kajubi lined the frightened children up and sent her messenger to Ms Gillespie to tell her the terrifying news.  Instead of following the instructions, the messenger went straight to the dusty, old PE shed where the infants were gathered.  Back in Ms Gillespie’s class, the children were extremely unsettled because they were very close to the shed and could feel the vibrations and hear the strange sound. The vibrations were so strong, even the pencil boxes were shaking.  If the messenger had followed Mrs Kajubi’s instructions, if Ms Gillespie had known the childen in Mrs Kajubi’s class were frightened, if the building had not been shaking excessively, then Ms Colling wouldn’t have been so distressed.

Amazingly, the egg had grown massively and exploded through the shed roof.  Out of the egg emerged a curious creature.  Its head was bald and round and it had one red flashing eye, its body was green and slimy with a scaly stomach, its legs had four forked toes which wobbled like jelly.  The children stood in awe looking at the amazing sight, whilst the messenger, still not doing as they should, peered inside the shed. Inside there were three more blue eggs, gently rocking under a box of skipping ropes.

Meanwhile, the large, strange creature moved swiftly and silently towards the picnic area, crying sorrowfully with each step – as if it had lost something!

All was quiet in the Year 6 classroom as the children were busily solving maths challenges. Mrs Johnson, who had amazing hearing, heard a strange sound coming from the playground. Because she was desperate to find out what was happening, Mrs Burrows suggested that they all take a look. Moments later, Year 6 were crouching behind the blue fence at the top of the playground. As the strange creature entered the picnic area, another (similar, but larger) creature appeared from behind the bushes; she was beautiful. Her multi-coloured scales glimmered in the sun. At the sight of what appeared to be one of her babies, she whimpered and darted off towards the back of the church. Immediately, the Headies took off in pursuit while the Prayer Leaders gently comforted the baby. The House Captains had noticed the trail of white footprints and followed them back to the shed, which was vibrating in the most unusual manner.

By this time, the rest of the school were gathered in the lower playground and there was a buzz of excitement about the mysterious eggs. The prefects took charge. Some fetched a large plastic box from the office while others collected cushions from the calm room. Carefully, the mysterious blue eggs were placed in the box which was then carried to the football pitch. The rest of the school followed, amazed by the quick thinking of the Year 6 team. At that moment, the Headies appeared from the picnic area with the Mother, who squawked in delight at the sight of her three eggs. She spread her enormous wings and covered the plastic box; at the same time, the sky brightened and a beautiful rainbow appeared. Flabbergasted, the whole school stood still and silent. Seconds later, the Mother removed her wings, revealing the most adorable but strange baby creatures, which looked identical to the creature that the Prayer Leaders had been comforting.

Soaring off into the distance, the mysterious creatures filled the sky with a colourful mesmerising pattern. A family (perhaps from a different world) had been reunited; once again the wonderful children of St Michael’s had saved the day!

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