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Start of Spring II @ Infants

All the children had a great start back after half term and having the lovely sunny, warm weather also contributed to a very happy learning atmosphere.  Here are some pictures from the infants of learning that has happened this week.

Year 1 have come back to school with a wonderful and enthusiastic attitude! They have been introduce to our new topic, ‘Space’ which they have already shown great interest and excitement. They are very excited about our new book, Bob, Man on the Moon, and have been writing what they think Bob should take to the moon with him.

(Quote: Bob should take a camera so he can take pictures of all the things he see’s on the moon)

We have been blown away this week as the children have learnt many different ways to find the difference between numbers and length of objects using cubes. It is always a joy to see them working collaboratively, supporting each other in their learning.  Here are some photos of some of the finished story we did last term; lost and found!


This week in Maths, Year 2 have been learning about fractions, finding fractions of shapes and different amounts.  We worked together in our new Kagan groups and did ‘Numbered Heads Together’ to help each other work out the different questions and work as a team.


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